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Annual Certification Renewal

Please fill out the information below to complete your annual certification renewal and update your OSP as needed. Please note, this is only applicable to current CCOF clients currently receiving certification services. A renewal contract and OSP update must be completed annually to continue certification and remain in good standing.

Please provide the following information:

*all fields must be filled in





Step 1: Request Renewal:   *must select at least one

I am renewing my CCOF certification for the above named operation and will be submitting payment for my annual invoice. Please continue to Step 2 below.
  I no longer require certification from CCOF. By checking this box, you are notifying CCOF of your intent to withdraw completely from the entire certification program. If this withdrawal notification is received after February 15, you are responsible for all accrued certification fees and fees for services incurred after January 1.

Step 2: OSP Update Information:   *must select at least one

The Organic System Plan (OSP) for my operation is accurate at this time and to the best of my ability to anticipate changes for the coming year. My OSP does not need to be updated at this time.
  The OSP for my operation needs to be updated. Following are the updated sections.
    Please list OSP sections that require updating:
    Please do not wait to submit changes to your OSP at the inspection. Blank copies of all OSP sections are available at or by contacting CCOF at 831-423-2263.

Continuation of Certification Agreement:

This renewal is a contract between you and CCOF Certification Services. By agreeing you are stating that you will continue to operate in accordance with National Organic Program standards and CCOF policies.

 I accept the Continuation of Certification Agreement.   *must select to continue

Please enter any comments or questions: